Pond Maintenance - Seasonal Products

Seasonal Care

Seasonal pond maintenance is essential for keeping your pond operating in tip-top shape. Fish require different needs in different conditions. Water treatments are sometimes necessary to ensure that your fish survive long winters, and cleaning supplies like skimmers remove debris from your fish pond before it becomes a problem.

Seasonal Fish Food

You can’t feed your fish their normal diet in cold weather because their metabolism slows down. That’s why you need cold weather fish food. It’s formulated to work with your fish’s metabolism, not against it. By ensuring your fish has a balanced diet it can easily digest, cold-weather foods are a necessity for pond owners in cold, northern climates.

Natural Pond Additives

Seasonal bacteria are extremely useful for assisting your filter that can’t keep up with all the leaves in your pond. By cultivating some beneficial bacteria in your biofilter, you can drastically cut down on the work all those leaves are adding to your strainer and filter. We carry a large supply of starters and boosters to get those little helpers growing fast!

We also carry natural and biological mosquito, pest, and predator repellants. Add mosquito and pest control products in and around your pond to control the spread of diseases that they carry.

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