Pondless Waterfalls


The Perfect Backyard Waterfall

Pondless waterfall kits look beautiful in your backyard, even if you don’t plan on installing a fish pond. You too can have a beautiful aquatic landscape without the extra work that a full pond creates. Create a naturalistic stream in your backyard to impress your friends. Sit back and enjoy the peaceful sounds of a bubbling brook anytime you want.

We sell the best backyard waterfall kits, so you can get your new waterfall up and running in no time. There’s no struggling to find all the necessary parts. Everything is provided to you right out of the box for the ultimate convenience.

How Pondless Waterfall Kits Work

Pondless waterfalls work just like ones you install in a pond. A pump pulls from a source of water and pushes it out the spillway. However, unlike pond waterfalls, pondless versions recycle water from an underground reservoir. The water then cascades over rocks and down a stream bed of your design, mimicking nature in your yard.

They are super easy to set up and require less overall care than a pond. It is also super easy to add a pond to your waterfall cycle if you ever change your mind. The possibilities are endless on the amazingly beautiful scenes you can create in your backyard. Check out these ideas from Aquascape to begin making your waterfall dream a reality.