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Pond Liners are the foundation of your pond. Without a good foundation, your water garden will not flourish like you want it to. We supply the best pond products from certified brands to make sure your pond is thriving. Not sure where to start? Read below to learn more about choosing the right pond liner for your backyard pond.

Why Do You Need A Pond Liner?

Installing something like a rubber pond liner is essential for keeping your pond filled with water at all times. Every pond needs a liner to stop water from leaking out through the pond base. Since the ground naturally absorbs liquids, if you don’t have a barrier between the dirt and the water then you won’t have much of a pond by the next day.

Pond liners also have the added benefit of protecting any aquatic life in your pond. It is important to keep dirt, debris, and contaminants from making contact with your fish if you want them to stay healthy. This is why a liner for your koi pond is so important. To make sure your fish have a happy, healthy home.

EPDM Pond Liners

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or EPDM, is a special type of synthetic rubber that is known for its resistance to environmental factors. These factors have caused this rubber to be used in a wide range of applications. One such use is as a koi pond liner since it is so easy to work with.

Liners made from EPDM are super flexible, durable, and resistant to adverse weather conditions. These liners are long lasting and have been known to have a lifespan of 30 years. Best of all, it is safe for your fish and won’t leak chemicals as the plastic ones have been known to do.

Installing Your Pond Liner

To measure your newly dug pond, we recommend running a string along the ground for the length of the pond. You should then measure the string to determine the length of the underliner and liner you need. We recommend adding an extra 1-2 feet to be safe, since you can cut to size later. Then repeat that process to get the width.

We sell liners for your pond in a variety of easy to install shapes and sizes. We also have boxed and mini roll pond liners for sale to accommodate any design you can think of.

For more information on the installation of pond liners, check out our Tips On How To Build a Pond. It includes a detailed explanation of how to successfully install the pond liner as well as the next steps for setting up your pond.

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