Aquascape Filter Pads and Media

Aquascape filter pads and media are the perfect choices for your mechanical or biological pond filter. Aquascape offers a wide variety of biological media and mechanical filter pads that are essential for any sized pond. 

Easily keep your pond water clean and clear. Aquascape filters not only trap the waste and debris circulating in your pond, but they also absorb tiny particles. Aquascape organic media safely houses bacteria that break down extra organic materials. 

How To Choose The Right Aquascape Filter Pads And Media

Choosing the right filter pads and media is vital to maintain a clean and healthy pond. Having a mix of filter media is the best way to ensure your pond receives the mechanical and biological filtration it needs. Luckily, Aquascape offers a variety of filter media that provide both mechanical and biological filtration. 

Since we recommend combining densities to maximize your mechanical and biological filtration, Aquascape offers a range of rigid filter mat densities to fit your needs. Each of these rigid filter mats is easy to maintain and needs cleaning periodically. These mats are made relatively large, and you can easily cut them to fit your desired shape or size. 

The Aquascape UltraKlean BioBalls, when used in conjunction with the UltraKlean pond filters, will successfully provide your pond with both mechanical and biological filtration. These BioBalls ensure effective colonization of bacteria, thus maximizing biological filtration. For mechanical filtration, the BioBalls will pack together to remove any larger debris from the water. 

Aquascape also offers a rapid clear fine filter pad, which easily removes any smaller debris particles that get left behind by your mechanical filter. For best results, we recommend using the Aquascape rapid clear fine filter pad with the rapid clear flocculant water treatments. This way, your pond is guaranteed to have optimal water conditions. 

When it comes to filtration, Aquawash has the right products to fit your needs and keep your pond sparkling clean. 

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