Pondmaster 120 Watt Thermo Heater – 120 Watts – 02175


Item – PondMaster 120 Watt Thermo Heater
Watts – 120 Watts
Pond Size – 2000 Gallons
Dimensions – 4.5″ x 12.25″
Cord Length – 18 ft
Warranty – 1 Year

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The PondMaster 120 watt Pond Deicer is ideal for ponds up to 2000 gallons. This is one of the most energy efficient de-icers on the market and is thermostatically controlled to reduce heating time and save energy. The doughnut design maintains an ice-free center allowing harmful gas to escape from your pond. The internal electronics are epoxy sealed for extra watertight protection. Unit comes with an 18 foot cord and will not harm liners or preform ponds. *The actual pond size may vary (larger or smaller) depending on your geographical region and winter temperatures.

NOTE: Mineral build-up can affect the performance of the de-icer and is not covered under the manufacturer warranty. Deicers will ship via USPS.

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  • Will this increase the temp of pond water? I have a 1500gallon pond with a waterfall

    Deicers will not increase the temperature of your pond. A deicer's purpose is to keep a hole in the pond so toxic gasses can leave the pond and oxygen can enter the pond. A deicer combined with an air pump is the best combination to ensure a hole in the ice.

    Asked By : Dan on Nov 27, 2018 10:53:48 AM
  • Does the de-icer have a light to indicate when it is operating?

    No the PondMaster De-icers do not have a light indicating that is is working. I would recommend using the Aquascape deicer if you are looking for a deicer with an indication light.

    Asked By : ljmalley@comcast.net on Jan 31, 2019 12:23:37 PM

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