12 Steps to Get Your Pond Ready for Spring Sponsored by Easypro

Warmer weather is here, and it’s time to bring your pond back to life! Follow these 12 steps to ensure your pond is clean, healthy, and ready for the spring and summer seasons.


  1. Clear the surroundings: Remove leaves and debris around the pond, and take down any protective netting used in winter.
  2. Skim and vacuum: Use a skimmer net or pond vacuum to remove debris from the water’s surface and bottom. A long-handled brush can help tackle string algae.

Plant care:

  1. Clean and prune: Cut back dead plant material and reposition any potted plants overwintered in deeper water. If overgrown, divide and repot aquatic plants (except early bloomers like Irises) using appropriate pots, soil, and fertilizer. Begin fertilizing in late April or early May.

Water management:

4a. Partial water change (minimal debris): Perform a 25% water change, adding a water conditioner to remove chlorine/chloramines, detoxify metals, and replenish electrolytes for your fish. 4b. Complete water change (significant debris): * Set up a temporary tank with pond surface water for your fish (avoid bottom water with harmful gases). Add aeration and keep the tank shaded and covered. * Clean the pond bottom using a pond vacuum, emptying it outside the pond. * Before reintroducing fish, ensure the new pond water temperature is within 2°F of the temporary tank. If there’s a larger difference, gradually acclimate them in bags of temporary water floated in the pond. * Add water conditioner to the cleaned pond and adjust pH if necessary using EasyPro pH Up or Down according to instructions. * If desired, add pond salt to achieve a salinity of 0.1%-0.25%.

Equipment maintenance:

  1. Restart pump and filter: Reconnect your pump and filter. Rinse filter pads if not cleaned in fall, but avoid soap or bleach. Replace worn or torn pads, considering upgrades like Matala pads for easier cleaning and longer lifespan.

Water quality testing and treatment:

  1. Test water quality: Use a home testing kit to check ammonia, nitrite, and pH levels. Address any imbalances with additional water changes or pH adjustments using EasyPro products.

  2. Enhance water health: Add EasyPro All Season Liquid Bacteria or Seasonal Boost to break down sludge and repopulate beneficial bacteria in your filter. Use EasyPro Barley Straw Extract to maintain clear water.

  3. Prevent green water (UV units): Replace the lamp and clean the quartz sleeve in your UV clarifier/sterilizer, but wait 48 hours for new bacteria to establish before turning it on.

Protecting your fish:

  1. Deter predators: Discourage herons by placing fishing line around the pond, using netting, or installing a motion-activated scarecrow.

Feeding your fish:

  1. Start feeding when water reaches 40°F: Use a low-protein wheat germ food like EasyPro Cold Water Koi & Goldfish Food for colder temperatures. Adjust feeding frequency and food type based on water temperature.

Maintaining water clarity:

  1. Regularly add beneficial bacteria and barley straw extract: This helps break down debris and maintain clear water throughout the season. Address specific issues like green water with EasyPro Water Clarifier.

Enjoy your pond!

  1. Sit back, relax, and appreciate the beauty and tranquility your revitalized pond brings you.