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Replacement Hoses For Your Pond: If you notice your aerator isn’t working effectively or your fountain has stopped spouting, it could be from a damaged hose in your pond. Fortunately, we carry flexible PVC tubing, kink-free hoses, couplers, and more in just about any size you need. Combine with the proper hose clamps and adapters to tackle any problem. It doesn’t matter if you need to replace a line in your system or build a new one, AzPonds has everything you need.

Regulators: Control the flow of water in your pond with a flow meter/regulator. These valves control exactly how much water flows to or from your pumps, filters, aerators, fountains, or anything else that requires plumbing. Choosing the appropriate valve depends on your needs. Gate valves allow you to adjust the rate at which water flows in your pond. Check valves are useful for ensuring water only flows in one direction. Finally, 3-way valves are perfect for making a bypass plumbing system by combining multiple inputs to one output.

Sealants And Primers: Used mostly with PVC tubing, sealants and primers are essential if you are repairing tubing or starting from scratch. Primers are applied first to clean the surface areas you are joining together. A silicone or tape sealant is then applied to create a watertight seal.

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