UV & Ion Clarifiers

What Is A Pond UV Light: UV lights are a type of clarifier for your pond. They are used to combat single-cell algae which can turn your water green and reduce the health of your pond. Besides algae control, pond UV lights will also kill any bacteria that crosses its path. Keep in mind, this means both good and bad bacteria are destroyed in the process. If you use a UV clarifier, we recommend keeping it away from your pond’s bio-filter or preferably using it with a Pond Filter for the best results.

How UV Pond Filters Work: While Ionizers and Clarifiers do not actually filter anything, they do assist your current filter in destroying unwanted algae to keep your water crystal clear. When the algae are exposed to the ultraviolet rays, it’s DNA is literally destroyed, killing it in the process. This prevents the algae from reproducing and causes them to clump together, making them easier to dispose of properly.

Where To Place Your UV Pond Filter: For the most effective use, pond UV lights should be placed after your filtering system. First, clarifiers and ionizers work more effectively if the water flowing through them isn’t filled with debris that blocks the light from killing the algae. Second, rocks and other hard objects can damage the bulb, and trapping anything before that happens is helpful. Third, your filter should trap extra sludge and is easier to clean out than your ionizer.

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