Pond Water Treatments

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Pond Water Treatments

Pond Water Treatments such as Algae Control, Barley Straw, pH Adjusters, Salt, Clarifiers, Conditioners & others maintain a healthy, well-balanced water garden. Water treatments are essential if you want your water to remain crystal clear and your fish to stay healthy. Read below for tips on our products and how to maintain your pond.

pH Water Treatments

Balancing the pH levels in your water is essential to keeping fish happy and healthy. An acceptable range is a balance between 6.0 and 8.5. Anything outside that means you should make adjustments with pH Water Treatments.

Algae Treatments

Excess algae in your pond not only looks ugly, but it can be harmful to fish as well. While normal amounts of algae are part of a healthy ecology, too much will limit the amount of oxygen in the water. Nitrogen and phosphorous fuels its rapid growth, so try to prevent fertilizer runoff in your pond. Fortunately, algae can be limited with proper filtering, UV clarifiers, and algae control chemicals.

Pond Bacteria

Bacteria are the building blocks of biological pond filters. They live in bio-filter media where they feed on algae and waste to keep your pond water clean. It is important to pick up a good starter culture to grow a healthy colony. Fortunately, we carry a large supply of liquid and dry bacteria from the top brands.

Pest Control Water Treatments:

Nobody likes mosquitoes and pests living in their backyard. Keep your pond free from these annoying bugs with a few simple steps. First, make sure you have a running supply of water in your pond to prevent stagnant water in which mosquitoes breed. A simple fountain or waterfall should help. Don’t forget to also use mosquito and pest control water treatments for the best results.

Pond Water Additives

Vitamins, minerals, medications, and more are important for ensuring your fish are completely healthy. Pond water additives like salt improve gill function and oxygen uptake, reduce stress, and build a stout slime coat that will help ward off parasites, bacteria, and disease. We carry all this and more to promote the longevity of your fish.



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