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 Find The Best Pond Filter Media For You: While pond filters are essential for keeping your pond’s water clean and clear, they are only as good as the filter media you use in them. We carry a mix of both mechanical and biological media for your fish pond filters. Each one has its benefits, and we recommend reading below to see which one works best for you.

Biological: Biological filters use natural bacteria to dissolve the waste your fish produce. They achieve this by breaking down the ammonia in your fish’s waste and converting it into nitrites. Nitrites are beneficial to the health of your pond and mimic nature’s way of keeping them clean. If you want to use a biological pond filter system, then we recommend media that has a lot of surface area, like these bio-balls, to provide plenty of living space for beneficial bacteria.
Mechanical: Mechanical filters, like these from Matala, work by trapping debris that cycles through your pond filter system. They come in various thicknesses to trap debris in different sizes. Layering your fish pond filter media from coarse to fine ensures an even flow of water that leaves your pond crystal clear. One benefit to these is that they are easily cleaned with a simple rinse of water.



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