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We have everything you need like pond plants, water lilies, aquatic plant fertilizers, aquatic plant tools, and more! Turn your pond into a beautiful, natural-looking water garden that makes a great centerpiece for your backyard.

The benefits of aquatic plants: Aquatic plants and water gardens have a great number of benefits for your fish pond. They are an excellent source of natural filtration which removes harmful ammonia, nitrates, and other chemicals. Besides filtration, water garden plants provide extra nutrition and many more benefits for your fish. Water lily ponds provide a safe haven for fish to hide which reduces stress. We recommend you match the aquatic plants found in your fish’s natural environment for the best results.
How to care for your water garden plants
Just like regular plants, water garden plants require proper nutrition, sunlight, and care to ensure they grow properly. Caring for your plants is easy with the proper tools. Our selection of aquatic plant fertilizers is important for providing your plants with extended, slow-release nutrition. We also carry all the tools you need to keep your plants properly trimmed and healthy.

Everything you need for your water garden: We carry everything you need to not only get started with planting your first water garden, but also care for the one you have now. We carry only the finest supplies from the best brands, so you can always find what you need from our large selection.

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