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Remove Sludge With A Pond Vacuum: Pond Vacuums help keep ponds and water gardens looking their best by removing sludge, debris, and algae from the underwater surfaces of your pond. Not only will this make your pond look nice, but it is also necessary for the health of your fish. Cleaning out your pond is super easy and convenient. All vacuums we sell feature long handles so you can reach anywhere in your pond. Unlike a regular old shop vac, you won’t need to completely empty your pond before you start cleaning. This is yet another reason why they offer superior performance and value.

Why You Should Be Vacuuming Your Pond: Just like the carpet of your home, dirt and gunk have a way of sticking to just about anything. Ponds are no exception to this rule. Over time, organic matter decays and leaves behind sludge, algae, and other debris that is both unsightly and harmful to your pond. This sludge settles on just about every surface in your pond and releases toxic chemicals that interfere with the oxygen in your pond and can give your fish diseases.

When To Vacuum Your Pond: To combat the buildup of sludge, you should regularly vacuum your pond. Pond vacuums, like this one from Matala, make cleanup a breeze. We recommend cleaning out your pond at least once or twice a year. Preferably In the early spring, or in the summer after tadpoles have grown into frogs so as not to disturb them.



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