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What are waterfall spillways?: Waterfall spillways are decorative water features that provide a natural-looking flow of water which mimics real-life waterfalls. They can be used individually in a wide range of applications or combined to create an artificial stream in your own backyard.

How do waterfall spillways work?: First, water is pumped from a reservoir or directly from your pond into the spillway. Then, the unit diffuses the current into a smooth, consistent flow of water. Some have a built-in reservoir and others use internal components to convert the water pressure into a wide-mouthed waterfall. Spillways are an affordable solution for creating beautiful waterfall features, and AZPonds will help you choose the best one for you.

Pond Waterfall Spillway: When looking for a pond waterfall spillway, we recommend a unit with a built-in reservoir for filter media. Most pond waterfall spillways feature an easy-open top to make cleaning the reservoir easier. For this reason, we don’t recommend covering them with heavy rocks, so accessing it is a breeze.

Pondless waterfall spillway: These units feature a direct feed from the pump to the spillway without a reservoir. They have an internal design that slows down the pressure and turns it into a smooth, consistent, leak-free water flow. Because of the solid enclosed design, these units are easily camouflaged with rocks, branches, or other decorations. They are perfect for pondless water displays, or as extra waterfalls for your pond. Combine these spillways for a beautiful cascading waterfall display, or add them around your pond for extra aeration.

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