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Pond Predator Control

Do you have difficulty keeping your fish safe in your pond or water garden? Keeping your fish out of harm’s way is a common issue that pond owners everywhere struggle with. Predators of all shapes and sizes will target your pond and prey upon the aquatic life within. In order to combat these animals and keep your water garden safe, investing in predator control is the best solution.

There are multiple types of predator control available depending on your needs. If you want to ward off predators, then you need a decoy or repellant. Or you could offer your fish a place to hide with a fish cave. Look below for a more in depth look at these products.


Decoys are a great solution for any predator problem. A diverse selection of models are available to choose from depending on your situation. Designed to keep threats away all year long, so you can count on our decoys to keep your fish protected. We offer decoy stands as well as floating decoys to help keep your pond safe.


Repellants are the best form predator control for when you want guaranteed results. Our repellents are specially formulated and organic so they are not harmful to people, pets or the environment. The unique formula provides a strong repelling power to keep pests away from your water garden. We offer a wide variety of repellants to combat any critter you may come across.

Fish Caves

Fish Caves are the perfect added safety measure to protect your fish. Unlike other forms of predator control, the fish cave does not ward off threats. Instead, it offers the fish a place to hide and avoid predators. Protecting the aquatic life in your pond is necessary for their health and safety. To keep your pond from falling victim to harmful wildlife, take a look at our variety of predator control options.



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