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Koi Fish Food

We carry all the koi food you need to ensure your fish maintain a happy, healthy diet. Choose from frozen fish food, live food, flakes, and pellets. We ship everything to you quickly, so you never run out of your supply of quality koi fish food.

What Do Koi Fish Eat?

Koi will eat just about anything organic, including insects, plants, algae, worms, and more. Koi are descended from carp, which are bottom-feeding omnivores that will scavenge for food. Because of this, koi will eat just about anything, and will even supplement their diet on the plants and algae that grow in your pond.

Even though koi aren’t picky eaters, you should still make sure you have food with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. This is important for maintaining a shiny color, an active lifestyle, and ensuring they stay healthy.

When To Feed Your Koi

In general, most people feed their koi fish once or twice a day. You can feed them up to four times a day, but make sure to limit the amount of food at each meal. The important thing is you really don’t want to feed them too much. Any excess food will accumulate as waste in the water, and all that excess waste will turn into toxins which will make them sick. Only feed them what they can eat in 10 minutes.

If your fish appear hungry, don’t worry, they should be fine. Koi fish don’t have stomachs, so they continually snack throughout the day on plants, algae and insects. As long as you feed them quality food, they should be getting all the nutrition they need.

We also only recommend feeding your koi food when the water temperature is 42 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. If the temperature is too cold, your koi may not digest meals effectively. Visit our knowledge base for more info on when you should stop and start feeding your fish.

Which Pond Fish Food Is Right For You

The type of fish food you buy is mostly dependent on their size. When your fish are small, feed them flakes or small koi food pellets. Increase from medium to large pellets as your koi grow larger. You should also be feeding your koi less amounts of food more frequently when they are smaller.

Other Koi Feeding Tips

  • Koi can actually recognize who is feeding them after a short while. As long as you continue to feed your fish, they will start to greet you as you approach the pond.
  • Try not to feed your koi before a storm or if the pump is not working. They require plenty of oxygen to digest their meals, which is reduced while raining or with a broken filter. If you need a new filter or pump, be sure to check out our large selection that ships quickly to your home.
  • Koi can eat some human foods like fruit, vegetables, and cereal. However, foods like cereal should just be used as treats and given occasionally, since they are high in carbohydrates.



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