Lake Aeration

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When you need to keep larger bodies of water oxygenated, check out our lake aeration systems. We have everything you need for even the largest ponds and small lakes.

What is lake aeration?

Lake aeration systems increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Since fish need oxygen too, properly aerated water is essential for a healthy lake ecosystem. By providing the right amount of oxygen, you will improve the overall water quality and provide the perfect environment for your fish and plants.

Why is lake aeration important?

When the water is oxygen-deprived, the plant life at the bottom of the lake will release gases that create water quality issues. By aerating your pond or lake, you will be eliminating these problems by stabilizing the pH, reducing alkalinity, removing carbon dioxide, and reducing pond algae.

How to choose a lake aeration system

When choosing a lake aeration system, it is important that you select the right one to fit the depth, shape, and size of your lake. If your lake is more than 6ft deep, a fountain alone will not provide enough aeration. For deeper water, we recommend a subsurface aeration system. These will make sure the entire body of water circulates at the same time to give your lake proper aeration. For shallow lakes, try a surface aerator for easy setup.

For normal lake aeration, your pump needs to displace 325,900 gallons of water every 1–2 days. To achieve this, we recommend running a 1½ HP aerator for every square acre of surface area on your lake. For large lakes, we recommend combining a high-capacity air pump with a larger diffuser. This ensures that you are pumping enough oxygen into the water.



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