Decorative Fountains

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A decorative pond fountain will take your drab, boring lake or pond and turn it into a beautiful show-stopping display that you can enjoy the look and sound of. Decorative fountains create a soothing sound, like rain on the water, that you will enjoy while relaxing in your backyard. Many water fountains even feature multi-colored lighting for a beautiful light show at night.

Not only do decorative fountains enhance the visual appeal of your pond, but they also provide extra aeration to the water. Decorative fountains are the perfect centerpiece to any pond or lake. 

How to Choose the right decorative pond fountain?

Besides visual appeal, it’s important to choose a decorative water fountain that will also be perfect for your pond or lake’s shape and size.

To ensure that the spray of the water will stay contained to the pond, and not reach out to your lawn, choose a fountain pump that can lift the water to a height no more than half the diameter of your pond. For example, if your pond is circular and has a diameter of 8 feet, the height of the fountain’s spray should not exceed 4 feet. 

Each manufacturer will recommend the operating depth of their units, as well as the maximum spray height. It’s important to keep this information in mind when choosing your fountain. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out and email us at

Installing decorative pond fountains

Depending on what type of pond fountain you get, the installation process can vary. With most floating fountains, the installation process is easy. To prevent them from drifting in your pond, you can moor them to the edges or bottom of your lake or pond. As a rule of thumb, mooring your fountain to the edges of your pond is easier for smaller-sized ponds. For larger lakes, anchor your fountain to the bottom with cinder blocks. 

When installing a decorative water fountain, it is important that you keep in mind the length and protection of your power cord. Try using a flex sleeve cord protector to keep your cords safe. The same rules should apply for lighting.



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