Pond Skimmers

What Are Pond Skimmers: Pond skimmers work together with filters to keep your pond nice and clean for your fish. Skimmers collect floating debris like twigs, leaves, and bugs to prevent them from clogging up your filters and pumps. Most skimmers are large enough so you can fit your Submersible Pumps and plumbing inside to keep  them out of view.

Why Pond Skimmers Are Important: We recommend installing a skimmer in your pond, especially if your pond is near any trees, plants, or bushes. Falling leaves and plant matter sink to the bottom of your pond where they eventually break down resulting in water quality problems. Also, if your water pump is exposed to debris, it will clog and require frequent maintenance. Skimmers for your pond remove debris before it can sink and decompose, they house your pump for easy access without wading into your pond, and are super simple to clean out. We recommend combining a mechanical skimmer with a biological filter for optimal pond filtration, and you can even store Biological Media directly inside.

Installing A Pond Skimmer: We recommend choosing a skimmer that is rated to handle a flow of water similar to your pump’s flow rate. This ensures that it will always be able to keep up with the amount of water going through it. When you have your skimmer picked out, you need to empty the pond halfway and dig out the area where your skimmer will be installed. Remember to keep the top rim of the skimmer’s opening above the water line so it can catch debris from the surface.

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