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Waterfall And Pond Lights

Pond lights are the perfect way to light up your backyard ponds, waterfalls, and fountains at night. Choose from a large selection of colored, non-colored, halogen, led, and more. We even supply kits with interchangeable lenses, garden stakes, and lights that daisy chain into a single transformer. Our pond and waterfall lights are ready to use right out of the box, which means less hassle for you.

Underwater Lighting

Underwater pond lights add an amazing ambiance to your backyard pond. The underwater lighting lets you see your fish as they swim around at night. The key to good underwater lighting is making sure the housing is completely watertight. Fortunately, we carry lighting that is specifically made for use both in and out of your ponds.

Energy Efficient LED Lights

When installing a lighting system in your pond, we recommend giving energy-efficient LED lights a try. LED lights are more robust than traditional tungsten bulbs, and they offer a comparable level of power while requiring a fraction of the wattage. We even carry solar-powered lights that get all their energy from the sun. While there are many benefits that LED pond lights provide, our favorite is the energy savings on the electric bill.

Colored Pond Lights

Normal pond lights are alright, but when you want something a little more fun, you should grab colored lighting instead. They are perfect for accenting your pond, fountains, and waterfalls. Add a splash of color to just about anything! Create a dramatic mood, add a splash of ambiance, or inspire excitement during your backyard party. Add as many colored lights together as you want for the ultimate backyard light show.



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