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External Pond Pump Benefits: External pond pumps offer more power over Submersible Pond Pumps and are perfect for larger ponds and water features. While the initial setup may be more time consuming, it’s hard to compete with the amount of utility they provide. External pumps can move large volumes of water, are energy efficient, and are fairly resistant to clogging. Before you buy just any pump, make sure you know which pump is right for you.

Submersible Pond Pump Benefits: The biggest draw to submersible pond pumps is their convenience. While they may not offer as much power as an External Pond Pump, these fish pond pumps don’t require much setup in advance. Place it in your pond skimmer filter or directly inside your backyard pond to begin pumping water. Also, submersible pond pumps run fairly quiet since they are kept underwater. If you have a small fish pond, we recommend using a submersible pump for the best results.

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