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The key to maintaining a beautiful lake is making sure that you have the necessary tools. We supply a wide variety of lake accessories to meet all of your aquatic needs. From aerators to predator control; if you need it, we have it. Not sure where to start? Read below to learn more about the accessories we offer.

Lake Aeration

Lake aeration systems increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Properly aerated water is essential for a healthy lake ecosystem. By providing the right amount of oxygen, you will improve the overall water quality and provide the perfect environment for your fish and plants. We offer a variety of lake accessories to help with aeration such as diffusers and air bases.

Predator Control

Predator control products add a way to deter predators from eating your fish. These are great lake accessories! Not only do they protect your fish, but they also look great as ornamental decorations. Our lake accessories include a variety of decoys like the blue heron, Canadian goose, and alligator. If you have problems with predators, consider a decoy to protect your fish.

Air Pump Cabinets

Air Pump Cabinets are a perfect way to protect your compressors or multiple smaller units. The cabinets are equipped with a stainless steel lock to help protect against theft and vandalism. Each cabinet is built to be durable with a rust-resistant powder coat finish. Our lake accessories include a variety of different sized air pump cabinets for any units that you want to keep safe and secure.</p.

Weighted Air Line Tubing

Weighted airline tubing provides diffuser placement of up to 100 ft. from the compressor location. Extended reach can be achieved by combining multiple lines of tubing. The weighted tubing is guaranteed to not float. It has been designed to stay submerged and out of sight. These lake accessories are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.



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