Pond Aeration

What is an aerator pump?
Aerator pumps help keep all your fish happy and healthy by providing an adequate supply of oxygen running through your pond. Fish breathe dissolved oxygen in the water, so maintaining the proper oxygen levels in the water with a quality pond aerator pump is important.
How do pond air pumps work?
Pond air pumps pull and filter the air from outside your pond, and mix it into the water using an air diffuser. Aerator pumps should be left running 24 hours a day to provide the proper amount of oxygen to your fish. We recommend you place your air pump 6 feet away from your pond and cover it with a protective housing.
Why are pond aerators important?

Pond aerators create a breathable environment for your fish.
Ensures fish are more active, less vulnerable to diseases, and less stressed.
Help natural bacteria break down waste that settles to the bottom of your pond.
Keeps air circulated in water which reduces extreme temp differences between the top and bottom layers of water in your pond.

Paired with a de-icer, this greatly helps your fish survive extremely cold conditions.

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