Pond Aeration

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What Is A Pond Aerator?

Pond aerators are devices that provide a steady supply of oxygen to the water in your pond. This is very important for keeping your fish healthy since they breathe dissolved oxygen in the water. Maintaining the proper oxygen levels in the water with a quality pond aerator pump is essential.

Not only is it essential for keeping fish healthy, but pond aeration also improves water quality. By increasing the nutrients in the water, you’ll reduce muck buildup and improve living conditions for beneficial bacteria. All these improved benefits are all thanks to using the proper aerator pump.

How do pond aerator pumps work?

Pond aerator pumps are easy to install and simple to use all year round. They pull and filter the air from outside your pond and mix it into the water using an air diffuser. Many aerator pumps are super simple to use as well. This Aquascape Pond PondAir 2 just requires you to plug the pump into an electrical outlet, attach the included hosing, and then place the diffusers into your pond. You can also completely customize your aerator to suit your needs, and we carry everything you need for any sized pond or late.

Aerator pumps should be left running 24 hours a day to provide the proper amount of oxygen to your fish. We recommend you place your air pump somewhere away from your pond where it won’t be damaged by the elements, like under protective housing.

Pond aerators can also run year-round, even during the winter months. If placed below the surface of the water, the air bubbles will keep a hole in the ice to prevent a buildup of toxic gasses. However, please do not put your air diffuser at the bottom of your pond. Doing so could disrupt the bottom thermal layer that fish rest in. Instead, place the diffuser closer to the surface during the winter months. Paired with a de-icer, this greatly helps your fish survive icy conditions.

Why is aeration important for a pond?

There are many reasons why pond aerators are a must-have for any pond.

First, they are one of the most cost-effective ways of improving your water quality. Aerator pumps sip electricity to provide a constant supply of oxygen. This means you’ll have a healthy ecosystem, which cuts down on costs associated with water treatments.

Keeping plenty of oxygen in the water is vital for fish, plants, and bacteria. Aerators sip energy to provide a steady supply of oxygen all year round. This ensures your fish are more active, less vulnerable to diseases, and less stressed.

Aeration helps prevent the buildup of muck and sludge in the bottom of your pond as well. Bacteria thrive in oxygen-rich environments. The more beneficial bacteria you have, the more they can eat all the toxins that form at the bottom of your pond.

Higher oxygen concentrations in water help regulate temperatures better. This means that your fish will be more comfortable during the scorching summer and frigid winter months.



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