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Backyard Kits For Your Koi Pond

Koi pond kits are the perfect solution for anyone who has ever wanted to own koi but didn’t know where to start. Experience and know how are a thing of the past with the proper kit. For example, the Koi Kichi pond kit is perfect for beginners.

Instead of spending a ton of money hiring somebody else to build your pond, you can easily invest in your very own kit to get up and running.

Koi Pond Kits Are An All-In-One solution

All our koi pond kits come with everything you need to get started. No more hassles researching and finding what parts go best together. Our pond kits come with the appropriate filters, pumps, liners, and plumbing for the exact size you are looking for. All you need to know is how many gallons your pond will be.

How Big Should Your Koi Pond Be?

Fish like koi grow fairly large and require plenty of water to swim in. In fact, most koi grow over 24 inches long! For the perfect sized pond, you should plan to have at least 250 gallons per koi. If you don’t know how big of a pond kit you’ll need, visit our knowledge base to figure out how many gallons your pond holds.

Other Types Of Pond Kits We Sell

Besides raising koi in your backyard, many pond owners seek alternative fish, water gardens, or fountains and water displays to add to their landscape. Our pond kits aren’t just limited to koi. We have plenty of kits that will suit your needs for whatever you are building.

Goldfish Ponds Kits

Behind koi, goldfish are the second most popular fish people keep in their ponds. Since many goldfish stay under 14 inches, they can fit in a smaller pond than koi fish. Goldfish pond kits are perfect if you have limited space in your yard but still want to raise fish.

A pond kit like this Aquascape DIY backyard pond kit is small enough to fit just about anywhere while still being roomy enough to house goldfish. Paired with some aquatic plants, your small water garden will feel more like a backyard nature retreat.

Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls are perfect for those relaxing walks through your backyard garden. They provide a calming sound that is amazing for when you want to sit down, clear your mind and think. In fact, many cultures over the centuries have used waterfalls as a tool for meditation and relaxation. Pondless waterfall kits are a peaceful addition to any garden.

Fountain Kits

Rock columns, urns, and fire fountains are a beautiful addition to any backyard. Try adding a fountain as a centerpiece to your deck. A rock column rising out of your small pond is another perfect idea. You can even impress your friends with a fire fountain centered in the middle of your patio seating.



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