evoFeed Automatic Fish Feeder: Keep Your Koi Fed, Even When You’re Not Home

Ditch the Dinner Dash for Your Koi! Set your fish free from feeding frenzy with the evoFeed Automatic, the ultimate aquatic buffet butler. Imagine a carefree vacation where your worries stay on land, while your pond party continues for up to 3 months!

The evoFeed Automatic is like a personal chef for your precious Koi. This weatherproof wonder mounts beside your medium or large pond (it’s not for tiny ponds, fins get too excited!) and dispenses fishy feasts at programmed intervals. No more worries about over-feeding or forgetting breakfast! Plus, you can adjust the fling distance (from gentle showers to impressive launches) and portion control to keep your pond paradise balanced.

Here’s the inside scoop on this fishy friend:

The built-in, rechargeable lithium battery runs for up to 3 months on a single charge, ensuring your fin-tastic friends never miss a meal. Just pop it in for an overnight indoor charge to keep the party going. The evoFeed Automatic throws food from 3-10 feet at a 120-degree angle, so you can customize feeding for even the most scattered eaters. A crystal-clear display shows you exactly what’s on the menu (3-10mm pellets only, sorry flakes and sticks fans!) and when the next feeding frenzy is scheduled. Rain or shine, the evoFeed Automatic keeps on feeding, so you can relax and enjoy your pond paradise.

This ultimate vacation feeder even boasts a strong motor and bottom ventilation to prevent clogging, fixing pegs for easy and secure mounting, a 1.5-gallon capacity, and measures 15.8”H x 12.2”L x 14.5”W. Basically, let the evoFeed Automatic take care of the feeding frenzy, so you can focus on the fin-tastic fun!