How and when should I winterize my UV Sterilizer?

When water temperatures start to fall below 65ºf, then it’s time to consider bringing your UV Sterilizer in for the winter. Since cold water dramatically reduces the effectiveness of your sterilizer, you shouldn’t run it all year round. When you bring your UV lamp in for the winter, it’s also a good idea to go ahead and get it ready for next spring.

I suggest taking out the quartz sleeve and cleaning that off with CLR (found in your grocery store). I find this best for removing water deposits and other buildups, but feel free to use whatever works for you.

Then take a silicone lubricant and apply that to any rubber o-rings or gaskets on your UV sterilizer. Using a lubricant will prevent the rubber from drying out. A dried rubber gasket is never a good thing as that causes leaks, which lead to other problems.

Next, clean out the UV vessel and get rid of any dirt that may be present.

Finally, consider replacing the lamp now. The reason why I suggest replacing the lamp now is so you can avoid shortages on new bulbs come springtime. I recommend you consult any documentation and warranties that came with your lamp to find out its expected operating life. If it’s getting close to replacing, you might as well do it now while everything is still in stock.

With the proper care now, you can extend the life of your UV sterilizer and save yourself the headache later.

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