How to set up a professional pond filter

You don’t have to be a professional to set up a professional pond filter. The process is pretty easy and you can have your Professional Bio Pond Filter setup in no time.

  1. If your filter does not include media, or you need to replace the media, you will want to choose a bio media that is lightweight and will not stick together. This media must have plenty of surface area for the bacteria to grow on. Probably the best bio media to do the job would be Bio-Cell Media. While it can be expensive to buy, it is important to keep in mind that it has a long life to it (at least 7 years) and provides a lot of surface area too. Plus, it will not stick together and works great in filters that backwash.
  2. Make sure the laterals inside your filter are installed properly so that the bio media will not pass through and clog up your filter’s return.
  3. You only want to fill the Professional bio Pond Filter up halfway with the bio-media. You do not want to go over half as that will affect the backwash mode. To find out how much media you will need to purchase, I suggest emailing us at and asking a salesperson for assistance here. When you email, you will need to have the make and model number of the Professional bio Pond Filter you are using available so that we can figure out how many cubic feet of bio media you will need.
  4. When you hook up your Professional Bio Pond Filter to your pump, I suggest making a by-pass system so that you can regulate the flow of water through the filter. The reason why you want the ability to regulate the flow is so that you can slow the flow rate down when running the filter in biological mode and then increase the flow through the filter when performing a backwash. If you happen to have a PSI meter on your Professional Bio Pond Filter, you want to make sure that it always reads 0 PSI when running the filter in biological mode. As far as determining the flow rate for your sand filter, it is recommended that you email or call us at so a salesperson can calculate this for you.
  5. These filters are like a septic system for your pond, so it is important that you supply a beneficial bacteria additive (ie Microbe-lift HC) on a daily basis. This will aid your filter with breaking down waste.
  6. Your filter should be back washed once a week. To do a proper backwash, start out by placing the filter in the backwash mode for one to two minutes. Then switch to the rinse mode and run that until the water coming out of the exhaust is clear.
  7. It is important to do a complete cleaning of your bio filter every year. You want to remove the bio media from the tank and clean it with pond water, and then clean the inside of the tank with pond water as well. Once you do this, be sure to return the media back to the filter right away. The media cannot be left out to dry as that will kill the bacteria that are already on it. If you have any additional questions on making your bio-filter, please feel free to give us a call, or email us at and we will be more than happy to give you a quick reply.

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