I have a pond I want to expand. How should I care for my Koi during the remodel to insure their safety?

If you’re planning any change to your koi pond that involves removing your fish for an extended period, it is best to provide them some housing that causes the least amount of stress.

You don’t need anything fancy, even standard storage tubs or small children’s pools will work. Just make sure whatever you use has been well rinsed out beforehand. Only fill the container with water from the pond that housed your fish.

After you relocate your fish, place the tub in a shaded area with a net over the top to keep your koi from jumping out. The net also prevents predators from helping themselves to a free meal of your favorite fish.

Be sure to provide something to aerate the water. I would suggest taking a small water pump and placing that in the holding tank so that you have plenty of circulation. Please don’t feed your koi excessive amounts of fish food while they are in the holding area. Limit the food to a small amount and only what they will eat in five minutes. Feed them only once a day as too much food will cause all sorts of health issues.

When you are ready to move the fish back to the pond, make sure that the temperatures of the holding tank and the pond are about the same. Doing this helps reduce the amount of stress they will have to endure. Once the temperatures are roughly equivalent, you will want to re-introduce your fish back into the pond slowly.

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