Is my impeller on my magnetic driven pond pump covered under warranty?

The answer is no, it is not covered under pumps warranty. All manufacturers of magnetic driven style pumps have the same policy. The reason for this policy is that impellers usually break because the pump was operated without the pump sock or pump bag over the inlet or the impeller was not taken out and cleaned. When a magnetic driven pump is operated with the protective sleeve off and a large object gets caught in the opening, it can easily break the impeller shaft which will then render the pump useless. The most common cause of impeller damage is pumps that are not maintained properly. When an impeller is not removed and cleaned each season, waste and minerals can build up on the impeller. This can then cause the impeller to seize up and eventually results in the impeller shaft breaking.

It’s real easy to remove an impeller and clean it. To start, you remove the impeller cover and then gently pull out the impeller. Then take the impeller and use Pondmaster Pump Guard Pond Pump Cleaner. After the impeller is cleaned, rinse it off with tap water. Next, you want to take a single edge razor and gently scrape the magnetic portion of the impeller to remove any minerals that may be left behind. Once you’re done with that, rinse again and place the impeller to the side. Now you want to clean out the impeller cavity. To do this, you will want to fill the cavity with Pondmaster Pump Guard Pond Pump Cleaner. Then take an old tooth brush and scrub out the cavity real well for a few seconds and when you’re done, rinse out the cavity with tap water.

You have finally completed cleaning the impeller and now it’s time to put everything back together. When placing the impeller back into the pump, you want to take your time and gently place the impeller back into the impeller cavity. Once the impeller is in, place the cover back on the pump and your ready to go. Doing simple maintenance like this will prolong the life of the pump’s impeller and will save you money in the long haul.

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