Spring going into summer is the time of year when your pond may be turning a little green or cloudy. I bet you also notice this happening more right after heavy rain or a few really sunny days. All of this green, cloudy buildup is algae in your pond feeding on the extra sunlight and all the nitrates the rain washes into your pond.

With these problems occurring there is always a quick and easy way to get rid of algae and cloudy water so you and your family can enjoy the pond almost as much as the fish do! One of AZPond’s leading water clarifiers is called Acurel E. This water clarifier easily helps with green or cloudy water and allows for debris to settle to the bottom of the pond. After the debris settles to the bottom of your pond, it is super easy to vacuum or filter out. The best part about Acurel E. is that It’s made with extracts of renewable resources. Because it’s made from renewable resources, its much safer for fish, pets, plants, and wildlife.

When it comes to the nasty hair algae that form on the sides of your pond, in the waterfall, and maybe even floating in patches on the surface; nothing works better than Aquascape EcoBlast Contract Granular Algaecide. Aquascape Algaecide eliminates unsightly algae and debris from waterfalls, fountains, streams, and rocks on contact.

Algae Control chemicals are a quick and effective way of removing algae in your fish pond. Most clarifier chemicals will clear up your pond in as little as 72 hours. I recommend using these chemicals for quick treatments in your pond and using a Bio-Filter or UV Clarifier to prevent the algae from blooming out of control again.

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