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Tips on converting a sand filter to a pond filter

A pool is close enough to a pond right? So if I have a sand filter keeping my pool crystal clear, I can just as easily hook it up to…

How to set up a professional pond filter

You don’t have to be a professional to set up a professional pond filter. The process is pretty easy and you can have your Professional Bio Pond Filter setup in…

Should I clean my waterfall spillway? If so how often?

I definitely recommend cleaning your bio falls every four to six weeks. If you don’t clean your bio falls, then your mechanical filtration (filter mat) will become clogged with waste.

What steps should I take for opening my pond in the Spring?

Spring is right around the corner and you’re itching to get your backyard pond back up and running. If you’re a new pond hobbyist and this is your first spring…

What is the difference between all the vacuums for ponds?

There are two types of pond vacuums available on the market today and they are electrical and gravity. Let’s start out with electrical since these are probably the most powerful…

Is my impeller on my magnetic driven pond pump covered under warranty?

The answer is no, it is not covered under pumps warranty. All manufacturers of magnetic driven style pumps have the same policy. The reason for this policy is that impellers…

UV light on but not killing algae? Find out what you can do to help make your UV work better

So your UV light was working fine last year, but you notice it’s struggling to keep up this year. Is it broken? Before you send it back to the manufacturer,…

How do I winterize my skimmer?

Contrary to what many people try to tell you, I feel most pond skimmers will winter over without a problem if water freezes inside the unit. The reason most skimmers…

How and when should I winterize my UV Sterilizer?

When water temperatures start to fall below 65ºf, then it’s time to consider bringing your UV Sterilizer in for the winter. Since cold water dramatically reduces the effectiveness of your…

When should I winterize my pond?

Winterizing your pond depends on all sorts of different factors like where you live, how long the water freezes over, and what kind of filters you have. For some pond…

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