Koi and Goldfish Care


Proper Care For Your Koi Fish Pond

While koi are a hardy fish, they can still fall subject to health problems that other fish face if not properly cared for. We recommend providing an adequate supply of food to these fast-growing fish, which automatic fish feeders are perfect for, and the proper water treatments for longevity. Fortunately, we have the fish pond supplies you need to make sure your koi fish pond is healthy all year round.

Automatic Maintenance

Automatic fish pond supplies are perfect if you are too busy to regularly maintain your koi pond yourself. From automatic pond fish feeders that regularly dispense the proper amount of food, to automatic water treatment systems, these are perfect for enjoying your fish without all the extra work.

Leaf Net Covers

Net covers catch falling leaves to prevent them from decomposing in your koi pond. This is great for reducing the harmful nitrite levels in the water.

Pond Skimmers and Nets

Skimmers are useful when you need to safely scoop debris, and nets are essential for moving your fish. We don’t recommend moving fish with your hands if you want to hand feed them, as they will associate them with danger.

Predator Control and Ornaments

These ornaments not only look good, but they also help repel natural predators of your koi fish. By looking as real as possible, they scare away other animals from feeding in your backyard.

Quarantine Systems

Quarantining is necessary if you feel any of your koi are sick and need to be separated from the rest. It is important to separate unhealthy fish to prevent your whole pond from becoming sick.

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