Koi Kichi

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Koi Kichi is a top-quality brand of fish food that is expertly crafted for koi. This nutrient-rich food is made from high-quality ingredients like fish meal, wheat germ, and spirulina algae, and fortified with vitamins and minerals that support koi’s health. Koi Kichi fish food comes in pellets, flakes, and granules of various sizes, making it easy to feed koi of different ages and sizes. It is also affordable and available at most pet stores, making it an accessible choice for koi hobbyists. The Koi Kichi product line includes staple food, wheat germ food, and color enhancer, so there is something for every koi’s nutritional requirements. If you want to keep your koi healthy and vibrant, Koi Kichi fish food is a fantastic option.



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