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Tetra Pond offers a variety of high-quality pumps and filters that are designed to keep ponds of all sizes clean, clear, and healthy. The TetraPond EasyClear Pump, Waterfall Pump, and Statuary Pump are all available in different sizes and capacities to suit the needs of any pond. Their filters, including the EasyCrystal, EasyBio, and EasyGreen, are also available in different sizes and capacities to remove debris, pollutants, and algae from pond water. Tetra Pond pumps and filters are easy to set up and maintain, making them an affordable and effective solution for anyone looking to keep their pond in top condition. Whether you have a small or large pond, Tetra Pond has a pump or filter that is perfect for you.



Pond Product Type

Bottle / Container Size

Fish Food Size Range

Liner / Underlayment Length (ft)

Liner / Underlayment Width (ft)

Number of Lights

Pellet Size

Pond Water Treatment Type

Skimmer Max Flow Rate Range

UV Watts Range

Watts Per Light

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