Aquascape Air Pumps

Aquascape Pond Air Pumps and Aerators provide the most essential element to your pond: oxygen. Equip your pond or lake with a continuous supply of oxygen with an Aquascape air pump to keep your pond ecosystem healthy and thriving. 

Aquascape Pond Air Pumps are designed to thoroughly oxygenate your pond, resulting in healthier fish and plants. Every biological process that happens in your pond is dependent on a steady and strong supply of oxygen. By using an Aquascape aerator in your pond, you will be helping those biological processes and creating a more stable and healthy environment for all your fish and plants. 

Aquascape Air Pumps Are Perfect Year-round

In warmer temperatures, your pond may not produce the level of dissolved oxygen it requires to maintain proper health. When the water temperature rises, oxygen levels can fall, leaving your ecosystem unbalanced and vulnerable. This is why it is important that you choose an Aquascape air pump to provide your pond or lake with proper aeration and keep your plant and fish ecosystems healthy. 

Alternatively, the harsh, cold temperatures of the winter months can also have a negative effect on your pond. Opening up your pond in the spring to find murky water and bloated fish floating belly-up in the water from a lack of oxygen is not ideal. Any easy way to prevent this from happening is by using an Aquascape pond air pump to keep your pond aerated during the winter and fall. 

Using an Aquascape air pump is an easy and energy-efficient way to prevent your pond from freezing over during those cold winter months and depriving your fish and plants of the oxygen they need to survive. 

Use Aquascape Air Pumps For A Steady Supply Of Oxygen

Pond aeration is also especially important at night when your plants are not receiving the sunlight they need to convert CO2 into oxygen.  

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional pond installer, Aquascape has the right pond air pump to fit your needs and keep your pond happy and healthy.

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