Aquascape Pond Kits

Transform your outdoor living space with Aquascape pond kits. No more guessing which parts you need to purchase! These pond kits are easy to install, and all included parts are guaranteed to work together. Aquascape manufactures quality pond parts and equipment, and that same excellent quality goes into every Aquascape pond kit.

What’s Included In The Aquascape Pond Kits?

Each kit includes an Aquascape pond skimmer, filter media, pond pump and necessary plumbing, liner, geotextile underlayment, and other needed equipment. Depending on your pond’s desired size, the components you will receive in each kit may vary. 

How to choose the right Aquascape Pond Kit

Each Aquascape pond kit is designed to fit ponds within a specified size range. For smaller ponds around 8′ x 11′ (about 1,100 gallons), you should try the Aquascape Small Pond Kit or DIY Backyard Pond Kit. Alternatively, for larger ponds about 21′ x 26′ in size (about 7,000 gallons), you will need an Aquascape Large Pond Kit.

When picking out your Aquascape pond kits, make sure to measure out where your pond will go and calculate gallons. Doing so will ensure that your pond is receiving the correct elements to fit its size perfectly. Check out our knowledge base if you need help calculating how many gallons of water your pond holds.

Transform your pond with an Aquascape Pond Kit 

It’s never been easier to create your stunning pond or water feature. With Aquascape Pond Kits, you will have everything you need to build a beautiful pond and have your outdoor living space transformed. All that’s missing is some rock, fish, plants, and a little imagination! 

Have the satisfaction of a successful DIY when you build your pond with Aquascape Pond Kits. 

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