PerformancePro External Pond Pumps

PerformancePro External Pond Pumps can power even the largest of backyard ponds with ease. Each pump is carefully assembled and rigorously tested to ensure that it performs above and beyond, no matter what. PerformancePro pumps are extremely efficient in regards to both energy and water circulation. Maintaining, managing, and cleaning is an uncomplicated task with external pumps.

PerformancePro External Pond Pumps Are Efficient

Compared to the submersible alternative, external pumps are more energy-efficient. This means that using the PerformancePro External Pond Pump will help you save money over time. While the savings won’t be noticeable in smaller ponds, it becomes much more clear when the pond is 8,000 gallons or larger. 


These pumps are efficient in terms of water circulation as well. Unlike submersible pumps, external pond pumps do not have an upper limit in terms of flow rate. PerformancePro pumps go above and beyond to produce excellent flow rates at sufficient pressure to really get the job done. 

Maintenance Is Easy With PerformancePro External Pond Pumps

Machine maintenance is simple when it comes to the PerformancePro External Pond Pump. Submersible pumps are difficult to access due to the fact that they are located in the pond. External pond pumps sit above ground and are much easier to maintain. This makes operating your PerformancePro pumps less complicated.

Cleaning your external pump is also an easy task since it rarely becomes clogged. These pumps do not have to contend with floating debris and particles in the water. As a result, the external pond pump does not have to be cleaned as often as submersible units. If you’d like to keep cleaning to a minimum, then the PerformancePro External Pond Pump is the choice for you.

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