Airmax Color Changing RGBW LED 2 Light Set with Stainless Protection – 100ft Cord


Cord Length – 100ft Cord

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Airmax RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Set

Create a breathtaking atmosphere in your own backyard with Airmax RGBW Color-Changing LED Light Sets. Now you can enjoy your Airmax EcoSeries or PondSeries Fountain at night and set the mood by changing the color including: white, blue, green, red and more.

Wireless Remote – All light sets come with a wireless remote with a range of up to 200ft. One wireless remote allows you to control up to four light sets so you can dim/brighten lighting, change white lights to a variety of colors, control flash speed and run up to 9 preset programs.

Design Features – All light sets include stainless-steel braiding on power lead and between light fixtures with an above waterline design for maximum output and low maintenance. Each light fixture is fully adjustable and snaps on Airmax fountain floats without tools for quick installation without tools.

Power Cords – All light sets come with an underwater disconnect, strain relief and 100′ standard power cord. Additional power cord lengths are sold in 50′ increments ranging from 150′ to 600′. For even more cord protection, power cords can be wrapped with PolyFlex and Stainless-Steel Braided protective sleeves.

Energy Efficient – Low energy, high output 120 Volt LED bulbs consumes only 40 watts of power and are completely sealed. Available in 2, 4 & 8 LED Light Sets

Adjustable Color Temperature: Broader range of Kelvin (2700 – 6500K) allows for changes from cool white to warm white, and vibrant colors to pastels.

Available with Standard Power Cord or with PolyFlex or Stainless Steel power cord protection. Power cords protected with PolyFlex or Stainless Steel Braided Sleeves provide added defense against animals, like muskrats, that chew on power cords.

Standard Power Cord

Polyflex Cord Protection

Stainless-Steel Cord Protection


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