Airmax PS60 System 115V w/o EasySet Airline Includes (6) ProAir 4 Diffusers – 600873


Item – PS60, 6 Diffusers
Max. Pond Size – 6 Acres
Max. Diffuser Depth – 50′
Aerates Pond at 6′-9′ Depth – Up to 3 Acres
Aerates Pond at 9′-12′ Depth – Up to 4 Acres
Aerates Pond at 12′-50′ Depth – Up to 6 Acres
No. ProAir 4 Weighted Diffusers – 6
SilentAir Rocking Piston – 1 HP T100 (RP100)
Max CFM – 7.1
Running Amps – 6.3 or 2.15
Voltage – 115 or 230
Wattage – 725
Monthly Operating Cost (24/7)* – $51.90
Airline Not Included – Set up for 5/8″ Airline
Cabinet Dimensions – 27″L x 24″W x 18.75″H
Cabinet Power Cord – 6′
Compressor & Electrical Warranty – 3-Year
ProAir 4 Diffuser Warranty – 5-Year
Composite Cabinet Warranty – 10-Year

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Product Details

Airmax PondSeries Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 6 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration up to 50 feet deep. Diverse PondSeries Aeration Systems make aeration a breeze. The single diffuser PS10 system is excellent for small or regularly shaped ponds while the PS60, available with up to 6 diffusers, tackles water bodies up to 6 acres or ponds with an irregular shape that require precision diffuser placement for even circulation. Airmax PondSeries Aeration Systems are manufactured in the USA with high performance, Integrated SmartStart Technology (IST) and professional quality components.

Airmax Pond Series Aeration Systems - PS10 PS20 PS30 PS40 PS80

The World’s Best Aerator

Airmax has re-engineered their line of Aeration Systems to bring you the World’s Best Aerator:

  • The Most Effective & Efficient
  • The Quietest Pond Aeration System
  • Maximum Water Circulation
  • The Easiest to Install

Airmax Warranty: 3 Year – Compressor and Electrical Components; 5 Year – Diffuser and Airline; 10 Year – Cabinet

Airmax(r) ProAir4(tm) Weighted Diffuser

ProAir4 Weighted Diffuser

  • PTFE Non-Stick 6″ Membrane Diffuser Stick:Provides the synergies of air stones while being virtually maintenance-free.
  • Check Valve:Prevents back pressure on the compressor.
  • Innovative Sled Design:Keeps diffuser submerged while maintaining an upright position during installation.
Airmax 3/4 HP RP Compressor

SilentAir RP Series Compressor

  • High Efficiency Compressor with Rubber Mounts:Reduces noise & vibration to ensure silent operation.
  • Air Filter:Maximizes the life of the compressor.
  • SmartStart Technology (IST):Protects compressor during pressurized restarts following power supply interruptions.
  • Airflow Manifold:Simplifies airflow management to individual diffusers (on systems with multiple diffusers).
  • Airline Quick Disconnects:For easy system removal & storage.
  • Pressure Gauge & Relief Valve:Monitor system performance & safeguard from back pressure.
Airmax Composite Cabinet

Airmax ETL Composite Cabinet

  • Enhanced Cooling System:Tunnels air flow evenly through the cabinet with a high flow cooling fan & high density air intake pre-filter to remove air debris
  • Composite Cabinet with Removal Top:ETL Electrical Safety Certified Cabinet protects components while providing easy access.
  • Elevated Base:Protects against damaging flood water.
  • Pre-Wired Electrical Box:Simplifies electrical connections for easy setup.
ETL Made in USA

Made in the USA

  • All Airmax Aeration Systems are ETL Listed and proudly Made in the USA.
Airmax EasySet Airline - Self-Weighted Direct Burial

Airmax EasySet Airline

  • Self-Weighted:No bricks, weights or ties are needed. This 3/8″ or 5/8″ airline is kink-free & fish hook resistant.
  • Direct Burial:Use from power source to pond’s edge. Remote valve box controls available for longer runs.

When to Use Aeration

Airmax PondSeries Aeration Systems provide continuous circulation and aeration and for ponds and lakes up to 50′ deep. By aerating your pond from the bottom up, you’ll circulate incredible amounts of water, drastically increasing the dissolved oxygen levels in your water column. This allows for increased levels of beneficial bacteria to accumulate in your pond resulting in reduced pond odors and muck accumulation.

How to Use Aeration

Airmax PondSeries Aeration Systems can be installed at the edge of your pond or at a 115 volt* power source several hundred feet away utilizing Airmax Direct Burial Airline**. The Airmax Composite Cabinet using EasySet Weighted Airline** and fitting sets. The ProAir4 Weighted Diffuser(s) should be placed near the deepest areas of your pond and distributed equally to promote adequate aeration throughout the entire water body. Airmax PondSeries Aeration Systems are designed to run 24/7 year-round***. Be sure to follow the included installation instructions when running your Airmax Aeration System for the first time.

*Airmax PondSeries Aeration Systems are also available for 230 voltage power sources.
**Airmax Direct Burial Airline is not included but should be used when trenching airline underground while Airmax EasySet Weighted Airline is intended for underwater use.
***When running your aeration system for the first time be sure to follow the start-up instruction in your user manual to prevent pond turn-overs and fish kills. If you use your pond for recreation in the winter you should turn off and store your aeration system as it creates thin ice and potential fall-through hazards.

Diffuser Placement Guide

Airmax Aeration Mapping

Click Here for Instruction Manual

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