Anjon 16″ Waterfall Weir with 5″ Lip Overhang – APF-16

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SKU – APF-16
WIDTH – 16.00 (in)
HEIGHT – 12.00 (in)
DEPTH – 19.00 (in)
GPH – 2400

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Enhance Your Koi Pond with the Anjon 16″ Waterfall Weir – APF-16!

Transform your koi pond with the ultimate addition of the Anjon 16″ Waterfall Weir – APF-16, offering unparalleled mechanical and biological filtration benefits. Experience the magic of crystal clear water and a thriving ecosystem, all in one.

Superior Filtration: The included dense filter pad efficiently traps fine debris, ensuring optimal water clarity. Bid farewell to murky water and welcome a visually stunning pond.

Beneficial Bacteria Colonization: Nurture a healthy pond environment with the bio balls, providing a cozy habitat for beneficial bacteria colonization. Enjoy a balanced ecosystem like never before.

Impressive 16″ Spillway: The APF-16 boasts a generous 16″ spillway, creating a mesmerizing waterfall effect that enhances the beauty of your pond.

Stylish 5″ Lip Overhang: With a sleek 5″ lip overhang, the APF-16 adds elegance to your pond’s design while also preventing excess splashing.

Elevate your koi pond to new heights with the Anjon 16″ Waterfall Weir – APF-16. Experience the perfect combination of mechanical and biological filtration, resulting in a stunning pond that will be the envy of all!

  • ProFalls create an elegant waterfall for your feature
  • Biological and mechanical filtration provides clean and clear water while promoting fish health
  • Constructed of durable, UV resistant, high-impact plastic
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting performance to create healthy ponds

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