Anjon 3-Watt LED Brass Well Light – 3WELL


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Introducing the Anjon 3-Watt LED Brass Well Light – 3WELL, a submersible marvel designed to elevate the charm of your aquarium, pond, or water feature. Crafted from durable brass, this light can gracefully withstand underwater use up to 10 feet.

The 3WELL well light casts a warm white glow, perfect for accentuating rocks, plants, and other elements within your water feature. Experience enchanting illumination while being energy-efficient, as it consumes only 3 watts of power.

Installing the 3WELL well light is a breeze. Plug it in, and immerse yourself in its brilliance. The light’s automatic on-off functionality seamlessly follows the light cycle of your aquatic oasis.

Key features of the Anjon 3-Watt LED Brass Well Light – 3WELL:

– Submersible light: Dive into a world of captivating aquatic lighting.
– Warm white light: Embrace the allure of rocks, plants, and surroundings.
– Durable brass construction: Built to last and withstand underwater splendor.
– Suction cup base: Effortless attachment for a seamless appearance.
– 3-watt power: Energy efficiency combined with dazzling radiance.
– Easy to install: Simplified setup for quick immersion into beauty.

The Anjon 3-Watt LED Brass Well Light – 3WELL is the perfect choice for those seeking an energy-efficient, small, and elegant accent light for their aquarium, pond, or water feature.

Additional specifications of the 3WELL well light:

– Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 1.5″
– Weight: 0.3 pound
– Color temperature: 2700K
– Beam angle: 120 degrees
– Warranty: 1 year

Experience the magic of the 3WELL well light. Illuminate your aquatic wonderland with grace and sophistication!

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