Anjon 9-Watt Color Changing Brass Light Kit – 9WCCKIT

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“Unveil a captivating world of colors in your aquarium, pond, or water feature with the Anjon 9-Watt Color Changing Brass Light Kit – 9WCCKIT. This all-inclusive kit is thoughtfully crafted to illuminate your aquatic paradise with a symphony of mesmerizing hues.

At the heart of the kit lies the 9-watt color changing brass light, forged from enduring brass and designed for seamless underwater performance at depths of up to 10 feet. The light boasts a built-in reflector, ensuring a harmonious distribution of light that accentuates the natural beauty of your aquatic realm. Immerse yourself in a vibrant display of colors, as the light gracefully transitions between enchanting shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Simple yet effective, the 10-foot power cord grants you the flexibility to position the light with ease, while the included timer eliminates the need for manual operation, allowing you to relish the stunning colors without interruption.

Key Features of the Anjon 9-Watt Color Changing Brass Light Kit – 9WCCKIT:

* Submersible light
* Produces a variety of colors
* Durable brass construction
* Built-in reflector
* 10-foot power cord
* Timer
* Easy to install

Embrace the allure of aquatic elegance with the Anjon 9-Watt Color Changing Brass Light Kit – 9WCCKIT, a complete package to infuse your underwater world with captivating radiance.

Additional Details:

* Dimensions: 3.5″” x 3.5″” x 2.5″”
* Weight: 1 pound
* Power: 9 watts
* Color temperature: 12000K
* Beam angle: 120 degrees
* Warranty: 1 year

Indulge in the magic of underwater illumination with the Anjon 9-Watt Color Changing Brass Light Kit – 9WCCKIT.”

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