Anjon LR-48 White LED Light Ring – LR-48


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Introducing the magnificent Anjon LR-48 White LED Light Ring – LR-48, an enchanting submersible light that illuminates your fountains and water features with a warm white glow, elevating the allure of rocks, plants, and aquatic wonders.

Meticulously crafted from durable ABS plastic, the LR-48 light ring boasts a robust design, ensuring longevity and performance even in underwater environments up to 10 feet. Its ingenious suction cup base simplifies installation, effortlessly attaching the light ring to the bottom of your fountain or water feature.

Powered by a 12-volt transformer (included), the LR-48 light ring offers effortless control with a convenient switch on the transformer, granting you the ability to adjust the luminous display at will.

Bask in the brilliance of this energy-efficient masterpiece, as the LR-48 light ring consumes a mere 48 watts of power, proving that captivating radiance need not be extravagant.

Embrace the finer details of the Anjon LR-48 White LED Light Ring – LR-48:

* Dimensions: 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 1.5″
* Weight: 0.6 pound
* Power: 48 watts
* Color temperature: 2700K
* Beam angle: 120 degrees
* Warranty: 1 year

The LR-48 light ring boasts 48 powerful LEDs, generously casting a radiant, evenly lit light show, enhancing the visual splendor of your water feature.

Notably, the suction cup base of the LR-48 light ring provides unmatched versatility, allowing seamless attachment even on uneven surfaces, ensuring your aquatic marvels are impeccably illuminated.

In conclusion, the Anjon LR-48 White LED Light Ring is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a bright, energy-efficient solution to enhance their fountain or water feature. Embrace the brilliance of this masterpiece and elevate your aquatic landscape to new heights.

In this description, I highlighted the key features of the Anjon LR-48 White LED Light Ring – LR-48, emphasizing its robust design, energy efficiency, and the convenience of its suction cup base. If you require further information or have any other requests, feel free to ask!

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