EasyPro High Pressure Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System with 20 Diffusers for up to 8 Acres – DCS210HP


Compressor – SRC2002
Voltage – 230
Diffusers – 6
Total CFM – 12
Ship Weight – 304
Shipping Notes – Motor Freight

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This NEW high pressure 2 hp rocking aeration system includes our brand new SRC2002 compressor. It’s a rugged, reliable workhorse and the most powerful rocking piston compressor on the market!

With this system, you can reach deeper depths and achieve longer runs than ever before – all with smaller airlines.

If you are facing a job that requires long tubing runs, or has deeper than normal depths, look no further!

DCS206HP High Pressure Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System
  • Includes:
    • NEW 2 hp SRC2002 Compressor
    • Six Diffusers
    • Valve Assemblies
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Pressure Relief Valves
    • High Volume Cooling Fans
    • Electrical Box
    • Fittings for 3/8″ or 1/2″ Quick Sink Tubing
  • Offers longer tubing run capabilities than any other system*
    • 1,500 feet with 3/8″ tubing
    • 4,000 feet with 1/2″ tubing
    • 20,000 feet with 5/8″ tubing
  • Cabinets are mounted on equipment base

*Based on 2 cfm per line / DCS206HP system

Recommended pond size:
2 acres at 5-8′ deep
4 acres at 8-12′ deep
8 acres at 12-16′ deep

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