Green Clean Xtreme Bacteria – 1 Gallon – 6403-1


Biosafe GreenClean Liquid Bacteria Application Rates
Initial Start Up: Apply 1 oz. for every 1,000 gallons every day for two weeks
Maintenance Apply 1 oz. for every 1,000 gallons bi-weekly
Shock Treatment Apply 1 cup when water quality & clarity are poor. Begin maintenance treatment the following week.
Add GreenClean Liquid Bacteria to pond or biological filter area. If a shock treatment is needed, apply directly to pond.

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GreenClean Xtreme Liquid Bacteria Keeps water clean and odor-free. This products contains 68 strains of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria for fast activation compared to other leading competitors. Green Clean Xtreme Bacteria is great for reducing ammonia, nitrates, and excess nutrients in pond water without the unpleasant odor.

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