Laguna Aeration Kit 75 – 7000 Gallons – PT1624


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Laguna Air Pump Kits are the perfect choice for use in Koi ponds! These quality kits include everything you need to keep your pond well oxygenated year round! Kits come standard with Laguna Air Pump, 100mm air stone, chrome coated metal manifold, and 4mm diameter air tubing. Adding oxygen into a fish pond is crucial for fish health, particularly in densely stocked ponds and during the hot summer months when oxygen levels decline. Laguna Air Pumps are safe for outdoor use but it recommended that the unit is enclosed to protect against the elements.

  • Oxygenates ponds for clean and clear aquatic ecosystem
  • Promotes healthy aquatic life
  • Helps breakdown fish waste
  • Prevents pond surfaces from complete freezing in winter months
  • Quiet and reliable low wattage pump
  • Certified for outdoor use
  • Energy efficient
  • No lubrication needed

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Air Pump Kits

Air Pump Type

Air Pump Kits

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4001 – 8000 Gallons

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