Matala Blue Roll media 24in round x 6in thick – FRM365-24

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Model Name – Blue 24in Roll Matala
Application – Filter Media
Density – High Density
Size of pad (L x H x W) – 24" round x 6in thick

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Roll Matala Blue

R-Matala, the perfect "drop in" media for Vortex filters and barrel filters. R-Matala has the same qualities as the sheets of Matala but are formed into a coiled pre-cut cartridge. Simply select the diameter roll and the density you need for your round tank and drop it in. R-Matala coils are not designed to be un-rolled. They are pre-cut to fit your tank. Custom sizes can be special ordered.


The Blue Matala® will filter out a much smaller particle and yet still maintain good flow distribution. In larger systems all four types can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids.

The Blue R-Matala is a superb biological filter media, due to it’s high available surface area and open passageways. The nitrifying bacteria can thrive in this environment. It is always best to prefilter the dirt with Black or Green Matala first in order to keep the Blue biological section clean and free flowing.

Matala is a progressive filter media that is self supporting and multifunctional. Used for prefiltering, mechanical filter media, biological filtration, spawning mat, plant protection, and as a support for other filter medias. Uniquely versatile, Matala is easy to work with and can fit most all filtration needs.

The open structure of the media provides excellent flow-through without channeling. Since most round tanks are also rather tall you can stratify the R-Matala® in sequential layers to make best use of the chamber.

R-Matala will naturally wedge in place without any need for support. However, you must measure the inside diameter of your tank and order the coil size which fits tight. If the coil fits too loose then the water will flow around the pads instead of through them. Four sequential densities can be perfectly employed to achieve maximum solids / bio-filtration. Each roll is 6 inches thick with a tremendous potential to trap dirt and yet is super easy to clean. Simply drain the waste out your bottom drain and gently pour pond water over the R-Matala.

Matala media works perfectly with upflow filter designs. The ideal upflow configuration would be the Black or Green R-Matala at the bottom of filter to capture the large particles. The next layer should be the Blue R-Matala to act as a biological filter and will filter out a medium size particle. The final layer will be the Gray R-Matala for high surface area biological filtration and fine particle removal. If you only have room for three layers of R-Matala, we suggest you use the Black on the bottom followed by the Blue and the Gray.

To clean an upflow filter with R-Matala you can pour pond water from the top down and flush out the waste down the bottom drain of the filter tank. If your filter tank does not have a bottom drain you may have to remove the layers of Matala to clean them. Routine "top down flushing" with pond water will prevent sludgy build up on the bottom layer. Occasionally you will need to remove the layers to inspect the bottom coil for clogging.

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