Pond Logic Treatment Booster Plus – 1 Gallon – 530192

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Size – 1 Gallon
Shelf Life – 2-Years

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Pond Treatment Enhancer

– Increases Chemical Effectiveness
– Allows Treatment to Penetrate Protective Surface of Aquatic Weeds

Specially formulated to enhance the effectiveness of pond treatments – Treatment Booster Plus helps adhere the treatment to the target aquatic weed. After adhering to the target – Treatment Booster Plus works further to allow the treatment to penetrate the aquatic weed’s protective surfaces for maximum treatment exposure. Treatment Booster Plus has also been enhanced to work on underwater weeds and algae by breaking the water’s surface tension. Compatible with most aquatic herbicides and algaecides and carries no water use restrictions.

Dosage Rate
Use 2 oz per Gallon of total treatment & water.

When To Use Treatment Booster Plus
Treatment Booster Plus should be used whenever you apply an aquatic herbicide or algaecide to provide maximum results.

How To Use Treatment Booster Plus
Mix 2 ounces of Treatment Booster Plus for every Gallon of chemical/water solution. Follow application instructions on the label of your aquatic herbicide/algaecide to apply mixture.

Water Use Restrictions
Treatment Booster Plus carries no water use restrictions

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Treatment Booster Plus