Sicce FiltraPond 1500 Filter Pump and UV combo 800 Gallons – SIC580


Max flow Rate – 396 GPH
Warranty – 5 Years
Type – Recycled Pastic Case
Max Head Height – 7.5ft
Max Pond Size – 800 Gallons
Pump Watts – 35W
UV Lamp – 7W

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Introducing the Sicce Filtrapond 1500: The Ultimate Pond Filter and UVC System

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Sicce Filtrapond 1500, the ultimate all-in-one pond filter and UVC system. Specifically designed for effortless use in ponds, this innovative product guarantees clear and vibrant water in no time. With its 4-stage filtration system, achieving and maintaining crystal-clear and healthy water has never been easier.

The Filtrapond 1500 boasts an exceptional filtration process that tackles various contaminants. Its mechanical filtration stage utilizes large surface area filter pads, ensuring efficient removal of debris and particulates. In the biological stage, the filter incorporates special porous material stones to provide effective biological filtration. Finally, in the chemical stage, activated carbon is employed to eliminate impurities from the water, guaranteeing optimal water quality.

With a maximum flow rate of 400 gallons per hour (GPH), the Filtrapond 1500 is a powerful filtration system suitable for ponds up to 1500 liters or 400 US gallons, even in the presence of fish. This means you can enjoy a thriving aquatic ecosystem without compromising the water clarity.

Upgrade your pond with the Sicce Filtrapond 1500 and experience the transformative power of its advanced filtration technology. Say goodbye to murky waters and hello to a picturesque, healthy pond.

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