Tips for installing a skimmer in your pond

You can add a pond skimmer too your pond and it’s not really that hard to do when you follow these simple steps:

STEP 1. You want to make sure that you position the skimmer where it is opposite your waterfall so that you are able to get the most out of the skimmer as far as circulation.

STEP 2. Now that you have a location selected, you will need to drain your pond about half way so that you are able to pull the pond liner away from the area where the skimmer will go. Next, measure your skimmer and then dig out the area for the skimmer to fit into, add about 3 inches to the depth of the area where the skimmer is going to go so that you can add sand. Adding sand will help you level the skimmer and at the same time protect the unit from damage in the future.

STEP 3. Now that we have the skimmer in place, we will want to attach the pond liner. You want to make sure that the liner is clean on both sides with UltraClean PVC and EPDM Liner Cleaner where it is going to attach to the skimmer. On the face of the skimmer where the door is, you will want to place a bead of silicone sealant around the door. I would place the bead of silicon about an inch from the edge of the door’s actual opening. Then place your pond liner over the face the skimmer and then apply pressure to the liner so that the silicone spreads out evenly. Now attach the skimmer’s weir door and then cut out the pond liner that is blocking the door. This part is optional, but I suggest going around the weir door on the skimmer and placing a bead of black silicon on the inner lip of the door so that it is water tight. It also doesn’t hurt to place a bead of silicone over each one of the screws that holds the door in place.

STEP 4. On the outside of the pond you will want to back fill around the skimmer with sand and near the top you will want to place topsoil or mulch.

STEP 5. Install your pond pump and fill the pond back up. When you fill the pond, you want to make sure that the water level is about 1.5″ from the top of the skimmer’s weir door. You don’t want the skimmer door under water as that will not allow floating waste to effectively enter the skimmer.

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