What is the difference between all the vacuums for ponds?

There are two types of pond vacuums available on the market today and they are electrical and gravity. Let’s start out with electrical since these are probably the most powerful of pond vacuums. The most common ones that you see offered are what I call the “R-2-D-2” units, like the Matala Muck Vac. These pond vacuums are great for ponds that are around 24 inches deep. I don’t really recommend them for ponds that are deeper than 30 inches as they generally lose their effectiveness at a depth of 30 inches. A new style electrical pond vacuum that is new to the US market that seems to have some power in deeper ponds is the Matala Cyclone Professional Pond Vacuum.

The reason why this vacuum can pick up at deeper depths then the other units is that it has 2 separate pumps, one for suction and the other for discharge. This feature allows for continuous vacuuming.

The other group of pond vacuums is gravity vacuums. This type of vacuum uses under water pressure from a hose outlet. These vacuums are only as good as the water pressure coming out of the hose outlet. Probably one of the best and easiest of these would be the Lifegard Pond Mini Vac because this vac literally pushes the waste out of the pond. (NOTE: Pole sold separately)

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